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Screenshot for "Equity and Inclusion Strategies: How Does My Library Start?"

Efforts in Equity

March 28, 2023

At “Equity and Inclusion Strategies—How Does My Library Start?: Case Studies from the Borderlands,”  librarians from Texas universities along the US-Mexico border discussed bridging their libraries and communities and advised attendees on ways to kickstart inclusion efforts at their own institutions. Speakers shared practical advice for how to serve first-generation college students, building community networks, … Continue reading Efforts in Equity

Headshot of Rebecca Nagle

The Stories We Tell

March 28, 2023

Award-winning advocate, journalist, and Cherokee Nation citizen Rebecca Nagle opened the conference, shedding light on the lack of representation of Native Americans in media and how it affects public policy. “The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and where we come from inform our public policy,” Nagle said. Through her award-winning podcast This … Continue reading The Stories We Tell