Annual 2019 Top Ten Tweets – Day 0

June 22, 2019

Top Ten Tweets ALAMW20

It’s the day before #alaac19! Today was a day of travel, seeing some familiar faces and everyone posting their Wizards Unite friend code.

First, it’s the hard step of your pets saying goodbye to you.

Then when you get to the airport you’re certain you’re missing something you had.

And you automatically get stereotyped when you walk out the airport with said missing item.

But then you get close to D.C. and the excitement finally hits.

In the midst of Annual excitement, this game dropped and we think most people are playing it.

In the few moments of not looking at our phones (playing Wizards Unite), we see a few familiar faces!

Now that the travel day is over, the rumpus that is #alaac19 gets wild tomorrow. See you all there! 😊

To our #alaleftbehind folks, we’ll make sure to keep you updated. 😁


Jason Reynolds speaking at the Opening General Session of the 2019 ALA Annual Conference

Jason Reynolds Calls for Architects of Understanding

National Book Award finalist speaks about intellectual freedom and empathy

Clockwise from top left, logos for Sora, PBS Kids Scratch Jr., iCell, Chatterpix Kids, Mixerpiece, and iCivics Suite.

2019 Best Apps and Websites for Teaching and Learning

Lists honor tools for enhanced curriculum development