Top Ten Tweets – Thursday (Day 0)

June 23, 2017

Top Ten Tweets

Twitter is abuzz with what to pack, the Librarian of Congress, and sightseeing in ALA’s hometown of Chicago. Follow #alaac17 for all conference updates and #alaleftbehind for those staying at home.

First, you wake up with #alaac17 on your mind.

Then you see this tweet, which will probably encourage more #alaac17 dreams for the next few days.

Then it’s time to make sure you’re well packed for all those ARCs.

(Accurate gif of librarians packing.)

Everyone knows one of the best parts of attending ALA Annual Conference is showing off your library clothing swag.

Once you land you have to see what this “Chicago deep dish” is about.

You don’t throw away your shot to see Hamilton.

…or to hangout with other Chicago legends.

Finally, you realize the #alaac17 journey has just began!


During the tour of the Library of Congress Culpeper facility, guests learn about nitrate film decomposition from Nitrate Film Vault Manager George Willeman (center). Photo: Steve Zalusky

Crowdsourcing Cinema

Unmasking the unidentified clips of our film heritage at the Library of Congress

Google software engineer Jessie Chavez, project director Marijke Visser, and Office for Information Technology Policy Director Alan Inouye at the June 22 announcement of a new Ready to Code initiative.

ALA, Google Partner for Phase III of Libraries Ready to Code

New grant program will fund libraries for computational thinking