Sarah Jessica Parker Unveils ALA’s Book Club Central

June 26, 2017

“No one could leave the house without something to read.” Parker fondly recalled that rule of her mother’s before a packed auditorium at the President’s Program of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on June 24. Growing up, Parker and her seven siblings were constantly shuttled to the Clifton branch of … Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker Unveils ALA’s Book Club Central

From left, Laura Damon-Moore, Michael Spelman, Kylee Stoor, and Janie Hermann

Madison’s Library Takeover

June 25, 2017

Just a few years ago the Madison Public Library was collection-focused, with high circulation but a low capacity for making connections with its community. Michael Spelman, library manager at the MPL’s Central Library, and with community engagement librarians Laura Damon-Moore and Kylee Stoor, explained one key initiative in the process of reorienting the library toward … Continue reading Madison’s Library Takeover

Joseph Cassara (left) and Rakesh Satyal

Out and Proud

June 25, 2017

An impromptu musical performance took place at the “Out and Proud: LGBTQ Literature” program on June 24, prompting one panelist to declare the gathering an “extreme gay act.” During their talk at the 2017 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, the four authors on the panel—Joseph Cassara, Sophie Yanow, Rakesh Satyal, and Eileen Myles—talked about … Continue reading Out and Proud

Doing Away with Fines

June 25, 2017

Ryan Buller, access services librarian at the University of Denver, presented research conducted by Brigham Young University (BYU) Head of Patron Services Duane Wilson, who was unable to attend the conference. Wilson had surveyed 76 large academic libraries in 2012 and found that 75% were charging fines; however, since the survey failed to distinguish between … Continue reading Doing Away with Fines

To Reveal Research Topics, Play This Card Game

June 25, 2017

Instead, Baglier and her colleague, associate university librarian Michelle Leonard, have developed a simple card game called Keywords to Mastery to help their students connect the right keywords to topics and find appropriate library resources. This interactive session, sponsored by ALA’s Games and Gaming Round Table, introduced Keywords to Mastery to attendees, who were broken up into … Continue reading To Reveal Research Topics, Play This Card Game

The New Normal slide

From Design to Dedication

June 25, 2017

Dover (Del.) Public Library’s path to constructing a new building was a winding one. “Our project actually began in 1998,” says Director Margery Cyr. Instead of expanding its original facility, the library determined in 2003 that it would “wiser” to build a new structure in a different area of Delaware’s capital. What followed was a … Continue reading From Design to Dedication

Joanna Burkhardt

Navigating Fake News

June 25, 2017

“Fake news” has been a dominant topic since the 2016 election. Differentiating between a legitimate news story and one that has been generated to mislead and contains biases or errors can be difficult, especially in an era where social media and news outlets inundate readers with content at ever-increasing rates. What can be trusted, and … Continue reading Navigating Fake News

Top Tech Trends: Advice for Makerspaces

June 25, 2017

LITA’s annual Top Technology Trends panel presents the current and future technology that will be affecting library services for years to come. This year’s session included perspectives from resource sharing (Veronda Pitchford, director of membership development and resource sharing, Reaching Across Illinois Library System), public libraries (Emily Almond, director of IT, Georgia Public Library Service), … Continue reading Top Tech Trends: Advice for Makerspaces

Alchemy of Audiobooks

June 25, 2017

Author Gavriel Savit, narrator Allan Corduner, and producer Orli Moscowitz spoke at the Chapter One Stage about the 2017 Odyssey Award Winner Anna and the Swallow Man. The Odyssey Award is presented each year by the ALA’s Young Adult Library Services Association to the producer of the best audiobook available in English in the United States … Continue reading Alchemy of Audiobooks

Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director of Do Space,

How to Run a Tech Space

June 25, 2017

Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director of Do Space, shared her philosophy on how to run a successful tech space. Do Space is a community technology library in Omaha, Nebraska, that believes in empowering the community through access to technology and innovative learning experiences. Stavick began with a focus on leadership and communication. Tech space leaders are … Continue reading How to Run a Tech Space