Top Ten Tweets — Tuesday (Day 5)

June 28, 2017

Top Ten Tweets

We saw Hillary Clinton and tried to fit all of our ARCs on our carry-ons on the last day of ALA Annual 2017.





We kick off the day with waiting in a long line to see Hillary Clinton, which totally made everyone leave inspired.

Hillary Clinton gave a shout-out to the wizard who entered the world 20 years ago. Which house do you think she belongs to?

She also dropped this meme into her talk.

After Hillary Clinton’s speech, we took her advice and celebrated the end of #alaac17.

We also went over to the Inaugural Luncheon to congratulate the new ALA Leaders.

You can’t leave Chicago or #alaac17 without being in the room(s) where it happens either.

#alaac17 was basically trick-or-treat for librarians.

You then shove all of your treats and ARCs into our luggage, with #noshame.

Then you check your email and can’t decide on what to do next.

After it’s all over, it’s time to get back to the librarian grind.

To #alaleftbehind people, everyone was also openly weeping in the room.


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