By Ann K. Symons and John "Mack" Freeman

Serving Everyone

June 24, 2015

LGBT librarians and the LGBT community are not responsible for making excellent library services happen. It is the responsibility of all of us who hold strong the values of librarianship: access, equity, intellectual freedom, and diversity. LGBT patrons and their allies want their privacy protected from prying eyes (which libraries already do well); the ability … Continue reading Serving Everyone

The author (wearing a tie) at the reference desk before her transition.

A Lot to Feel Proud About

June 3, 2015

In late 2006, after many stops and starts, I finally got up the nerve to change my gender to female and began living my life as a woman. As libraries have changed and evolved, I’ve been changing and evolving right along with them. I have been very fortunate throughout my transition from male to female; … Continue reading A Lot to Feel Proud About

Libraries as Safe Spaces

December 11, 2012

Without a doubt, the past decade has experienced a sea change in favor of LGBTQ rights. During the 2012 election, voters decided on a series of landmark ballot initiatives at the state level that championed marriage equality; a sitting president (and vice president) has for the first time voiced support for same-sex marriage; and the … Continue reading Libraries as Safe Spaces