Campus Connections

Campus Connections

June 3, 2024

To help acquaint faculty members with the facility and build strong relationships with them, we designed an engaging in-person event called Summer Fest at our Hazy Library and Learning Center. During Summer Fest, which took place June 2022, our 24 attendees received a passport directing them to explore seven stations placed throughout our two-floor library, … Continue reading Campus Connections

Youth Matters, by Kate Brunner

Inclusive Early Literacy

June 3, 2024

Informal caregivers may include grandparents, cousins, nannies, shift-swapping parents, and older siblings. They may provide part-time or full-time care. Some are paid; many are not. Ultimately, without FFN care, it would be difficult or impossible for many parents to work. In my home state of Colorado, formal childcare is in short supply. The options aren’t … Continue reading Inclusive Early Literacy

Show Yourself

Show Yourself

May 1, 2024

You might be thinking, “Our school library has a brand?” Most of us associate the word with a name, logo, tagline, and design elements that a corporation uses to distinguish itself from others. It also involves marketing and merchandising to promote the organization’s product or service. When all these components are combined, the result is … Continue reading Show Yourself

Audrey Barbakoff and Noah Lenstra

Working Hand in Hand

March 1, 2024

Community-led planning is a method for making decisions that puts power in the hands of the community rather than the library. They have real responsibility, authority to make decisions, and accountability for the outcomes. Librarians serve as conveners and facilitators, providing access to library resources and support. The library cannot and should not try to … Continue reading Working Hand in Hand

Emily Drabinski and Michele Norris

2024 LibLearnX Wrap-Up

February 5, 2024

Authors told inspiring stories and emphasized the importance of having open conversations. Presenters addressed the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), covering different ways librarians have started using the technology, as well as measuring its impact. Speakers tackled critical topics in the profession, including intellectual freedom, community engagement, and leadership and management. A different dialogue Opening … Continue reading 2024 LibLearnX Wrap-Up

Playing to the Crowd

January 22, 2024

“[Twitch is] where gamers are,” Brown said. “That’s where we really wanted to do some outreach.”  She discussed the pros and cons of using Twitch, ideas for library programs that can be livestreamed, and how the popular platform enables libraries to reach new audiences at “Low Stress, High Mayhem: Using Twitch for Professional Development and … Continue reading Playing to the Crowd

Khris Hutson, library media specialist at Francis C. Hammond Middle School

Pivot! Pivot!

January 20, 2024

The average collection date was 2002 and the average circulation rate was 461 books per month. Since Blaylock and FCHMS’s library media specialist, Khris Hutson, began making improvements last January, they have raised the collection date to 2008—and in fall 2023, they recorded 1,277 books circulated per month. This is one of the ways that … Continue reading Pivot! Pivot!

It’s in the Bag

September 1, 2023

Spartanburg County is the fifth most populated county in South Carolina—and it’s growing. In 2022, it had close to 346,000 residents, but nearly 14% of them were living at or below the federal poverty line, with an estimated 11% of children experiencing food insecurity. To help address these issues of affordability and access, Spartanburg County … Continue reading It’s in the Bag

Aaron LaFromboise speaking at the “Food is Medicine in Medicine Spring Library: Food Sovereignty Needs in a Tribal Library" session

Food as Medicine

June 25, 2023

LaFromboise, American Indian Library Association (AILA) past president and director of library services at Medicine Spring Library at Blackfeet Community College in Browning, Montana, shared her story at the AILA President’s Program, “Food is Medicine in Medicine Spring Library: Food Sovereignty Needs in a Tribal Library,” at the American Library Association’s 2023 Annual Conference and … Continue reading Food as Medicine

A photo of the Community Cabinet that Billings Public Library in Montana installed in its lobby in January. The cabinet contains hygiene products that patrons can take freely and discreetly. Photo by Billings Public Library.

Personal Care

June 1, 2023

During one of his routes, Arnold stopped at a downtown skate park and noticed that many of the people who approached him weren’t skaters and had atypical requests. “I had multiple interactions with folks who were like, ‘Do you have any period products? Do you have soap?’” Arnold remembers. “That’s what motivated me to start … Continue reading Personal Care

Baby caps and new parent resources for patrons

Special Delivery

June 1, 2023

“We had run out of books to read,” says Spence, a mom of two who works at the Grosse Pointe Public Library (GPPL) in suburban Detroit. Her children were ages 1 and 6 at the time, and she says the gift “felt like Christmas for everyone in the house.” When she returned to onsite work, she … Continue reading Special Delivery

Youth Matters: Linda W. Braun

Community over Comfort

May 1, 2023

Usually, very few respondents say they have relationship-building skills. When participants are asked to reflect on what they want to get better at, most list skills related to connecting with community members. For example, respondents have said they want to get better at being outgoing, be okay with asking for help, eliminate social anxiety, and … Continue reading Community over Comfort