Wikipedian -in-residence at the librarian

Bringing Wikipedia into the Library

May 1, 2018

Wikipedia contributors and librarians share similar skills: an understanding of quality research materials, an interest in effective citation and attribution, and clear public communication. Wikipedia’s “sum of all human knowledge” mission also aligns with the service-focused goals of librarianship, where patron access to public knowledge drives both activities. A difference between the two communities is … Continue reading Bringing Wikipedia into the Library

Jake Orlowitz, head librarian of Wikipedia, tells attendees how libraries and Wikipedia can work together.

Come Together, Right Now

August 18, 2016

Stinson and Orlowitz began with a general Wikipedia overview, and the stats were staggering. Wikipedia ranks in the top five visited websites on the planet, with 15 billion page views each month. It features 40 million articles; has 80,000 monthly contributors; contains 32 million media files in its Wikimedia Commons; and has 280 different language … Continue reading Come Together, Right Now