Call Number Podcast: Let Them Lead

Episode 56 looks at libraries facilitating teen activism

November 13, 2020

This year has seen an increase in activism and community engagement from people across the country—especially teens. Whether working in-person or virtually because of the pandemic, today’s youth are energized to change the world. And librarians are helping.

In Episode 56, Call Number looks at library efforts to support and engage teen activism. First, American Libraries Associate Editor Sallyann Price speaks with Donnell Washington, senior library assistant at Charlotte Mecklenburg (N.C.) Library, about the Better Hope for Tomorrow virtual summit for teens that he helped organize. Next, American Libraries Managing Editor Terra Dankowski talks with Candice Wing-yee Mack, senior librarian for young adult services at Los Angeles Public Library, about the library’s Teens Leading Change program.

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Teen leader Iris Alvarenga poses in front of yard signs at Waltham (Mass.) Public Library that depict issues youth patrons care about. The installation was a partnership between the library, civic organization For Freedoms, and local art group Blueprint Projects. Photo: Erwin Cardona/Waltham (Mass.) Public Library

Let Them Lead

In a new age of protest, teen librarians support youth interests and activism