Council III: Actions and Updates

A simplified membership model, a DEI scorecard, and more

January 25, 2022

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American Library Association (ALA) President Patricia “Patty” M. Wong called the third Council meeting at the 2022 LibLearnX virtual conference to order at 2:38 p.m. on January 24.

Libré Booker, an Executive Board member, motioned to extend the meeting for an additional 30 minutes. The motion was defeated. The agenda for Council III (CD#8.3) was adopted.

Memorials were read for Barbara Froling Immroth (M#1), Mary Redmond (M#2), Kenya S. Flash (M#3), Manuel Urrizola (M#4), Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin (M#5), Teri Lesesne (M#6), and Lauren D. Freeman (M#7).

A tribute honoring Aimee Strittmatter (T#1) was read.

Louis Munoz Jr., chair of the ALA Council Tellers Committee, presented the ALA Executive Board election results (CD#11.2). Kathy Carroll and Sara Dallas were elected to three-year terms (2022–2025).

International Relations Committee (IRC) Chair Min Chou reported on IRC’s activities (CD#18).

Martin Garnar, chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC), provided an update on IFC’s activities (CD#19-19.1).

Miranda Bennett, chair of the Membership Committee, brought two actions forward. The first was a simplified membership model to be implemented in FY2024 and the second to lower the salary threshold for nonsalaried membership from $30,000 to 45,000 to be implemented in FY2023. (CD#44) Both actions were approved.

Robin Kear, Conference Committee chair, presented an overview of the transition from the Midwinter Meeting to LibLearnX (CD#45).

Kiera O’Shea Vargas, chair of the Committee on Diversity, presented action item (CD#14), acceptance of using a DEI scorecard to measure as a primary means for ALA’s measures for DEI. This was approved.

Toni Negro, chair of the Policy Monitoring Committee, presented (CD#17) seven items for incorporation into or changes to the ALA Policy Manual, all of which were approved.

ALA Treasurer Maggie Farrell presented the Association’s FY2023 budget objectives (CD#13.1). The objectives were approved unanimously.

Farrell and Andrew Pace, cochairs of the Operating Agreement Work Group, provided an update on the activities of the Operating Agreement Work Group (CD#40).

A vote was taken to extend the meeting by 30 minutes to accommodate the balance of the agenda; the motion was approved.

Council went into closed session during which ALA Honorary Membership was granted to former ALA presidents Maureen Sullivan and James Neal.

Because of time constraints, Council authorized the Executive Board to call a Council meeting in February or March to finish addressing outstanding agenda items.

ALA Executive Director Tracie D. Hall announced LibLearnX total registration of 2,183 (73% of budget).

Wong adjourned the meeting at 5:35 p.m.


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