Midwinter 2020 Top 10 Tweets—Day 4

January 28, 2020

Top Ten Tweets

Welcome back to the last day of the top ten tweets!

We started off the day waiting in line for the Youth Media Awards.

And then the awards began!

Where we all collectively celebrated the first graphic novel to win the Newbery!(!!!!)


For the few folks who were in meetings though, it was definitely a morning.

After, we headed back to our rooms to nap/long lunch.

….before heading to Chanel Miller’s closing session, which inspired us all.

And after the YMAs and Chanel Miller, it was time for some sightseeing.

And it’s finally a wrap! Now time to find out where to put all of these #alamw20 ARCs in your suitcase.



Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name, speaks at ALA's 2020 Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits in PhiladelphiaPhoto: EPNAC

Know Her Name

Closing Session speaker Chanel Miller on reclaiming her story and libraries as sanctuaries