Clockwise from left: AFU Director Anders Liljegren and librarian Ingrid Collberg; one of several alien models in the AFU archive; the AFU library walls, decorated with UFO book covers; UFO modeled after photos taken by US contactee George Adamski in the 1950s; The Supernatural Magazine, published in Dublin in 1809. (Photos: Clas Svahn)

Bookend: The Real X-Files

March 1, 2016

Director and archivist Anders Liljegren, who created AFU’s specialized subject classification scheme, works with Collberg and more than 20 volunteers. “Since 1973, AFU has grown from a single bookshelf to a facility used by researchers from many countries,” Liljegren says. “Ingrid’s background in working with French materials is particularly valuable.” AFU also houses 50,000 issues … Continue reading Bookend: The Real X-Files

Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana

Phantoms among the Folios:
A Guide to Haunted Libraries

October 28, 2015

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in the October 1997 issue of American Libraries. It has been updated to include new information (updates in blue). American Libraries is no exception. However, unlike less reputable media, we go to original sources whenever possible to ascertain whether or not our spooks are spurious. And in so doing … Continue reading Phantoms among the Folios:
A Guide to Haunted Libraries

Deep River (Conn.) Public Library

Tales from a Haunted Library

October 23, 2012

Most libraries often have difficulty promoting events and receiving local media attention. That was the case for us, too, at Deep River (Conn.) Public Library—until people heard we were haunted. Since the 1950s, the library has experienced paranormal activity that includes early morning noises and voices that ask question after question in 20-second intervals—What is … Continue reading Tales from a Haunted Library