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Left to right: Violaine Iglesias, Danielle Whren Johnson, and Stefan Elnabli were speakers at the ALCTS Forum

Making Video Content Accessible

February 13, 2018

Violaine Iglesias, director of business development for GVPi, a company in Arlington, Virginia, that provides hosting platforms for electronic publishers, opened by saying that “Accessibility is in very high demand among higher education institutions. Publishers are only now beginning to understand that accessible and discoverable video” is a high priority for educational institutions. She said … Continue reading Making Video Content Accessible

Panelists at Blockchain, Open Civic Data, and TV White Space

Blockchain, Open Civic Data, and TV White Space

February 11, 2018

Sue Alman, a full-time lecturer at the SJSU iSchool, outlined her study of how libraries can use blockchain technology in support of city or community goals. Blockchain, most closely associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is a highly secure ledger system that records digital transactions. Alman said that her goal is to engage in a … Continue reading Blockchain, Open Civic Data, and TV White Space

A Passion for Poetry

February 11, 2018

“My father was not so much a reader of books,” Acevedo said, but he read three newspapers—two in English and one in Spanish. “I watched him work through those every day.” Her father was also a teller of stories, not always the best or the most appropriate, but “from him I learned timing, pacing, and … Continue reading A Passion for Poetry

Sharing People’s Stories

February 10, 2018

“Everyone has a story to tell,” Johnson said, and StoryCorps’ technique of pairing an interviewee with a family member or loved one as an interviewer results in a “conversational experience that captures deep relationships.” Segments of StoryCorps interviews are frequently played to a wide audience on NPR’s Morning Edition. Listening to these interviews has a … Continue reading Sharing People’s Stories

The Future of Data Privacy

February 10, 2018

Some corporations, Ayala said, are laboriously setting up two different privacy systems, one for Europe and another for the US. However, the major players are unifying their rules to comply with the GDPR, “which is an indicator that European trends are starting to become global trends. Facebook and Google just rolled out new privacy centers … Continue reading The Future of Data Privacy

Lecia Barker (left), senior research scientist at the the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and Nicky Rigg (right), Google's computer science education manager, were two of the presenters at "Creating Inclusive CS/Coding Programs for Youth," sponsored by ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy.

Encouraging Kids to Code

February 9, 2018

Nicky Rigg, Google’s computer science education manager, said that the project’s primary focus was on inclusion and diversity, targeting girls and others who are not typically encouraged to develop math and computing skills. “We are still learning from this process,” she said. “In addition to tangible resources, such as teaching aids, that are being designed, … Continue reading Encouraging Kids to Code

Flooded stacks of the Port Arthur (Tex.) Public Library. Photo: Port Arthur (Tex.) Public Library

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

November 1, 2017

Depending on their location, some libraries sustained significant damage from the ensuing flood waters, while others escaped with only a little cleanup required. The flood also affected many librarians and other library workers due to the damage to their homes. Public libraries Houston Public Library reopened 18 of its 42 locations on September 5, according … Continue reading Hurricanes Harvey and Irma