Sari Feldman

Libraries Transform

July 27, 2015

Because algorithms don’t inspire readers, libraries transform. Because solving for X doesn’t ­always give us the “why,” libraries transform. Welcome to ALA’s new, multi-year public awareness campaign, “Libraries Transform.” Its ultimate goal is to increase funding support for libraries and advance information policy issues in alignment with ALA’s advocacy goals. The “Libraries Transform” campaign demonstrates … Continue reading Libraries Transform

Sari Feldman at the ALA Inaugural Brunch

New Public Awareness Campaign Announced

June 30, 2015

President Feldman thanked Past President Young, and presented her with a Tiffany bracelet on behalf of the Association as the audience gave Young a standing ovation. Libraries Transform, a new public awareness campaign to elevate the ways libraries support individual opportunity and community progress, was the focus of new ALA President Sari Feldman’s speech at … Continue reading New Public Awareness Campaign Announced