Getting Teens “Real Ready” for the Future

June 27, 2017

The case studies that were shared with YALSA membership at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on June 26 were sterling examples of the impact young adults can have—on their neighborhoods, their futures, themselves—when libraries and local organizations support their needs, interests, careers, and visions. The library projects profiled spanned the … Continue reading Getting Teens “Real Ready” for the Future

Alchemy of Audiobooks

June 25, 2017

When asked about the origin of Anna, Savit recalled a conversation between his niece and his brother-in-law. When his niece asked her father if Peter Pan could really fly, her father said no.  Gavit felt this question expressed a state of human being and needed further exploration. Orli Moscowitz explained the interesting process that leads from novel to … Continue reading Alchemy of Audiobooks

Members of the Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults Committee worked their way through a pile of audiobooks in order to create a final list by Sunday.

An Enthusiastic Earful

January 13, 2016

Before this session, I had given little thought to the intricacies of the voices I hear when listening to audiobooks, but now my ears will prick up at the sound of the reader taking a breath. My appreciation for sound effects has grown, and my admiration for vocal imitation has spiked. For each clip, the … Continue reading An Enthusiastic Earful