Call Number Podcast: Gale Presents Diplomas at the Public Library

Meeting the first graduate of a new high school program at the public library

May 23, 2022

Gale Presents Diplomas at the Public Library

Among the public libraries implementing Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School, a 21.5-credit online high school completion program, is Rolling Hills Library (RHL) in St. Joseph, Missouri.

On this bonus episode of Call Number with American Libraries, sponsored by Gale, Diana Panuncial, associate editor of American Libraries and podcast host, speaks with Michelle Mears, director of RHL. They’re joined by Brittany Smullin, a 30-year-old single mom who was the first public library graduate of the program this spring, and who took her classes through RHL. Mears and Smullin share their experiences about the value of the program and the impact it is having in their community.

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