Dewey Decibel Podcast: Beyond Our Borders

Episode 41 spotlights international library projects and multicultural authors

August 30, 2019

In Episode 41Dewey Decibel features conversations that extend beyond US borders.

First, American Libraries Senior Editor George Eberhart speaks with Nigerian-American science-fiction writer Nnedi Okorafor (Who Fears Death and The Book of Phoenix) about how her heritage influences her work. Then, Dewey Decibel host and American Libraries Senior Editor Phil Morehart speaks with Jonathon Hodge, digital literacy service lead at Toronto Public Library, and Mark Williams, chief librarian and CEO at Milton (Ont.) Public Library, about tech initiatives that earned the libraries ALA Presidential Citations for Innovative International Library Projects.

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Nnedi Okorafor

Nnedi Okorafor on Writing, Rage, Bugs, and Aliens

Science fiction with an African setting

Volunteers in Colombia unload a Libraries Without Borders mobile Ideas Box. Photo: Libraries Without Borders

International Innovators

ALA Presidential Citations honor forward-thinking global libraries