10 Technology Ideas Your Library Can Implement Next Week

February 9, 2010

New social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter enable librarians to converse, communicate, and collaborate with patrons as never before, because they are increasingly a part of people’s everyday lives. A brochure that describes your library with a few pictures is great, but a video tour that people can watch on your website or … Continue reading 10 Technology Ideas Your Library Can Implement Next Week

Your Virtual Brand

February 4, 2010

I recently started teaching another great group of future librarians at San José State University about Web 2.0 technologies. I’m always in awe of their enthusiasm for the subject matter and for their chosen field. This year, I also feel a little sad, knowing that some of them will likely struggle to find work after … Continue reading Your Virtual Brand

Vendors Spotlight New Wares in Technology Showcase

January 18, 2010

Nine vendors garnered a spot in the Technology Showcase, which ran concurrently in two theaters during the Boston Midwinter meeting. Aptly named One If By Land and Two If By Sea, the theaters featured demonstrations by Infor Global Solutions, Emerald Group Publishing, 3M, Credo Reference, Thomson Reuters, ebrary, Innovative Interfaces, Springer, and IGI Global. Jeff … Continue reading Vendors Spotlight New Wares in Technology Showcase

Top Tech Trends MW10

January 18, 2010

LITA's Top Tech Trends was interesting to me this year because its participants, while all formidable representatives of the world of cutting edge library tech geeks, were all new to the panel: David Walker kicked off the discussion by talking about discovery layers, a top trend indeed. Although their growth is somewhat slowed by the … Continue reading Top Tech Trends MW10

Washington Office Update, part 1

January 16, 2010

The Washington Office covered a number of topics in its Midwinter update. Due to a scheduled interview on the MCCA/ALA Haiti Relief Fund, I was able to attend the first hour only; Pamela Goodes will be writing about topics discussed after I left. Patriot Act “It’s back, and it’s not real great news, said Lynne … Continue reading Washington Office Update, part 1

Brand Perception 2.0

December 16, 2009

Many librarians have tried to play a role in educating young adults about developing a presence on social networking sites. They have warned teens that nothing online ever really disappears and that compromising photographs or derogatory posts can impact their future job prospects. Online identity is built upon all of the things we have put … Continue reading Brand Perception 2.0

Gamers take over U.S. libraries

November 18, 2009

Children, teens, and adults showed up in droves to play board games and video games at the biggest National Gaming Day yet November 14, with 1,365 registered libraries participating, easily doubling the number of participants from last year, NGD mastermind Jenny Levine told American Libraries. Libraries who participated in the massive, nationwide, ALA-sponsored event received … Continue reading Gamers take over U.S. libraries

Your Desktop: The Movie

October 26, 2009

In virtually all libraries today, there will be many more people using the library than just those who come through the door. Our patrons are increasingly accessing our resources and services virtually, to the point where some never use the physical library at all. This has challenged libraries to find creative ways to provide comparable … Continue reading Your Desktop: The Movie


Censorship Gets Smart

October 26, 2009

As we all know, Judith Krug—the director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, who passed away April 11, was an extraordinary woman, a force for the freedom to read and view and write and think as we please. She was a hero and role model for us all to live up to, and she left … Continue reading Censorship Gets Smart


OCLC’s Andrew Pace Reveals Plans for Web-Scale Management

April 28, 2009

The executive director for networked library services at the world’s largest library consortium paints the big picture regarding OCLC’s web-platform initiative in an April 24, 2009, conversation with American Libraries Editor-in-Chief Leonard Kniffel. American Libraries: Who is the target market for this new management service? Andrew Pace: You’re talking about the web-scale management services, not … Continue reading OCLC’s Andrew Pace Reveals Plans for Web-Scale Management