Helping Veterans

August 26, 2016

While collecting information for this document last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a Veterans Resource Center—one of 10 in the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) system—at the LAPL’s Exposition Park branch. Many thanks to LAPL Adult Service Librarian Edwin Rodarte and veteran volunteers Paola Martinez and Veronica Hansel for briefing me and answering … Continue reading Helping Veterans

From Boots to Books

May 23, 2014

Luke Herbst, a US Army veteran, joined the Nashville (Tenn.) Public Library’s (NPL) Special Collections Division as a library associate–paraprofessional in December 2010. Although the path that led him to apply for a public library position was circuitous, it originated in experiences he had while in the military and stationed overseas. Herbst served in the US … Continue reading From Boots to Books