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From the Treasurer: Maggie Farrell

Achieving Our Vision

January 2, 2020

I start my tenure by reporting mixed results for our finances, but I am optimistic about the work being done to advance libraries. In 2018, the ALA Executive Board approved a plan to strategically invest in three critical areas: information technology, advocacy, and development. Over a three-year period already underway, $8.8 million has been dedicated … Continue reading Achieving Our Vision

Maggie Farrell

Meet the Candidates for ALA Treasurer: Maggie Farrell

March 1, 2019

ALA is at a critical time with changes in Association leadership positions, increased operational costs, flat-to-decreasing membership, and declining revenue. Librarians and library workers have a variety of choices for professional development, service, and engagement, so ALA needs to adapt to the changing expectations of the library profession if it is to remain relevant and … Continue reading Meet the Candidates for ALA Treasurer: Maggie Farrell