Call Number Podcast: Gale Presents Upskilling at the Public Library

Gale and online course provider Udemy partner to offer courses at the public library

October 6, 2022

These days, with our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find ways to develop professional skills. That’s why Gale has partnered with Udemy Business, a vast marketplace for online learning, to offer public libraries a program called Gale Presents: Udemy. The program is an online platform that provides instruction through more than 17,000 video-based courses for adults who want to boost their skills for a new job, expand their knowledge in a current profession, or just deepen a personal interest.

On this bonus episode of Call Number, host Diana Panuncial learns more about Gale Presents: Udemy from one of its instructors, Kyle Pew. Pew is a Microsoft-certified Trainer and a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor, and he has been teaching and consulting for 20-plus years on various computer applications. He has facilitated courses that range from one-on-one interactions to large-scale groups of more than 100 participants, including live in-person classes, webinar-style classes, and live online multiweek courses.

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