Rene Tanner

A Moment of Science

May 19, 2014

Academic libraries are adopting strategies bookstores use—arranging writing workshops, inviting authors to give talks, and hosting book clubs—to make their spaces and services engaging. Thriving local bookstores, such as the Poisoned Pen and Changing Hands Bookstore in the Phoenix area, have figured out the importance of community and social activities in an era of steep … Continue reading A Moment of Science


A Novel Idea

May 13, 2014

In our more modern, connected, and ever-busy age, however, traditional library book clubs have been undergoing a quiet revolution. Lack of time, scheduling conflicts, mobility issues, desire for anonymity, and other factors have moved the conversation online—namely onto social media. Tech-savvy librarians aware of these trends are using emerging technologies to both enhance physical book … Continue reading A Novel Idea

Working Parents of Small Children, Unite

January 26, 2014

Topics at this one-hour informal gathering ran the gamut, from conversations about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to parental leave policies at various institutions to discussions about child care services, both at professional conferences and on campus. The consensus among attendees was that each employee felt she needed to advocate for herself when arranging … Continue reading Working Parents of Small Children, Unite