Library Bill of Rights

OIF Responds to Library Bill of Rights Meeting Room Amendment

July 10, 2018

“Recent updates to Meeting Rooms: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights does not establish any new right to conduct hate speech in libraries. ALA does not endorse hate groups and does not seek to normalize hate speech,” said LaRue. “The interpretation reflects the current legal climate libraries face when providing the public with … Continue reading OIF Responds to Library Bill of Rights Meeting Room Amendment

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ALA Honors African Americans Who Fought Library Segregation

July 3, 2018

Resolution to Honor African Americans Who Fought Library Segregation Whereas the system of “Jim Crow” laws and customs officially existed into the 1960s—a century after the official end of slavery in the United States; Whereas virulent racism, disenfranchisement, Black Codes, and racial segregation laws imposed a rigid system of officially sanctioned racial segregation in virtually … Continue reading ALA Honors African Americans Who Fought Library Segregation

2018 Best Apps and Websites for Teaching and Learning

June 28, 2018

The apps recognized in 2018 are: Clips Complete Fairytale Play Theatre Engaging Congress Google Spotlight Stories Google Translate GooseChase Hopscotch: Make Games Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 Incredibox Libby Metaverse – AR Browser, Office Lens PBS KIDS Games PBS KIDS Video Periodic Table Pixie Procreate PuppetMaster Recap RelationShapes Science Journal SDG in Action Seeing AI Signed … Continue reading 2018 Best Apps and Websites for Teaching and Learning

We’re All in It Together

June 27, 2018

Jason Kruse, undergraduate engagement librarian at Northwestern University; Amy Wainwright, outreach and student engagement librarian at John Carroll University; Kristen Mastel, outreach and instruction librarian at University of Minnesota; and John M. Jackson, head of outreach and communications for the library at Loyola Marymount University, introduced us to their strategies with a level of enthusiasm … Continue reading We’re All in It Together

Preservation Showdown: Environmental Edition

June 27, 2018

The debate was moderated by Kara McClurken, director of preservation services at the University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville. The panel took place as part of the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans Monday, June 25. As the debate opened, McClurken explained that some of the debaters had been asked to defend … Continue reading Preservation Showdown: Environmental Edition

2017-2018 Spectrum Scholars Carli V. Lowe and Darnetta Bolton

Spectrum’s Significance

June 27, 2018

The Spectrum Leadership Institute is a a three-day experience that highlights cross-cultural models of leadership and features national library and community leaders. It is open to participants in the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program, which actively recruits and provides scholarships to American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern and North African, and/or Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander students to … Continue reading Spectrum’s Significance

Top 10 Tweets—Tuesday Edition

June 26, 2018

You wore your nice socks. dressed up fancy in my @OutofPrintTees banned books #socks for the last day of #alaac18 — Louisa Lebwohl (@llebwohl) June 26, 2018 You made it to the Closing General Session. And you’re happy you did. Almost in tears listening to @violadavis tell us how libraries provide access to … Continue reading Top 10 Tweets—Tuesday Edition

Bohyun Kim, chief technology officer at the University of Rhode Island Libraries in Kingston

An AI Lab in a Library

June 26, 2018

“AI began to be used more in the 1980s, when expert systems were developed to mimic the human decision-making process,” Kim said. The technology has advanced profoundly because the internet “allows a vaster scale of data, and high-speed computing has multiplied the power of processing.” Advances in artificial neural networks have produced a technique called … Continue reading An AI Lab in a Library

Urging Leaders and Moving Diverse Librarians’ Careers Forward

June 26, 2018

Panelists reflected on their paths to their current leadership positions, and shared advice with a room full of current MLIS students and recent graduates. The panel included Anthony Davis from California State University, Fullerton; Nancy Kirkpatrick from Midwest Collaborative for Library Services; Cynthia Hohl from Kansas City (Mo.) Public Library; and Kirk MacLeod from the Open … Continue reading Urging Leaders and Moving Diverse Librarians’ Careers Forward

2018’s Top Tech Trends

June 26, 2018

Independent technology consultant Marshall Breeding moderated the discussion, which focused on upcoming technological shifts such as: Quantum Computing Jason Bengtson, assistant director of library IT services at Kansas State University Libraries, kicked things off by explaining quantum computing. While traditional, digital computers use bits (which store a 1 or 0), a quantum computer uses qubits, … Continue reading 2018’s Top Tech Trends

Beth Crist, Dustin Landrum, and Wendy Cornelisen

Collaboration is Key

June 26, 2018

A room full of library professionals shouted out the answers: “Build a better team!” “Increase awareness!” “Reach new audiences!” “Share resources!” “Take pressure off overworked librarians!” “Build capacity!” “Avoid duplicating efforts!” For attendees at “Collaboration is Key: Steps to Building Great Partnerships with Outside Organizations,” an Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies–sponsored program at … Continue reading Collaboration is Key