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Council III Provides Updates on Advocacy, Finances

February 14, 2018

Memorials were read for Mae Benne, Edwin Gleaves, Mary Kathleen Hanselmann, Julius Lester, Lora Lander, Gene Dickerson, and Henry R. Stewart Jr. Tributes were offered for the 70th anniversary of the Mountain Plains Library Association, Danita Vance-Cooks, and the 20th anniversary of E-Rate. Vivian Bordeaux, chair of the ALA Council Tellers Committee, presented the report … Continue reading Council III Provides Updates on Advocacy, Finances

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Council II Discusses ALA Reorganization Ideas

February 12, 2018

Policy Monitoring Committee (PMC) member Jennifer Boettcher presented the PMC report (CD#17) with three action items. The first motion proposed that text on politics in American libraries be incorporated into the ALA Policy Manual. The second motion proposed that text on equity, diversity, and inclusion be added to the Policy Manual. The third motion proposed to add definitions of … Continue reading Council II Discusses ALA Reorganization Ideas

Are Libraries Neutral?

February 12, 2018

The program featured a sprawling discussion in which multiple definitions of neutrality were proposed, and various positions were argued for and against them. The rhetoric was lively and occasionally prickly on the stage, in the audience, and on social media. Are libraries neutral spaces? Have they ever been? You're not going to want to miss … Continue reading Are Libraries Neutral?

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Council I Approves Honorary Membership for Hayden

February 11, 2018

The minutes from the 2017 ALA Annual Conference (CD#2) were approved. Ed Sanchez, chair of the ALA Resolutions Committee, presented a report (CD#10.1) updating Council on progress made since the 2017 Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta to review its charge, scope of work, and training new members. ALA President-Elect Loida Garcia-Febo presented the ALA Committee on … Continue reading Council I Approves Honorary Membership for Hayden

Breaking Barriers with Patrisse Cullors and Marley Dias

February 11, 2018

Cullors’s parents had talked to her a little about the civil rights movement, but left out details. Mrs. Goldberg at Erwin Street Elementary School in Van Nuys, California, however, gave young Patrisse books to fill in the gaps, such as Mildred D. Taylor’s The Gold Cadillac. Goldberg also allowed Cullors to report on the books to the … Continue reading Breaking Barriers with Patrisse Cullors and Marley Dias

Dave Eggers on Embracing “Radical Welcome”

February 10, 2018

Inspired by this discovery, and disturbed by the anti-immigrant tone of the 2016 election, Eggers first penned an editorial for The Guardian. Then he turned the idea into his latest children’s book, Her Right Foot, illustrated by Shawn Harris. Eggers spoke about the book with librarian Sandra Farag, youth materials selector for New York Public Library and … Continue reading Dave Eggers on Embracing “Radical Welcome”

Misty Copeland. Photo: Gregg Delman

Newsmaker: Misty Copeland

February 1, 2018

Copeland is author of Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina (Simon and Schuster, 2014); Firebird (Putnam, 2014), with illustrator Christopher Myers, which won the 2015 Coretta Scott King Book Illustrator Award; and Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Grateful You (Grand Central Life and Style, 2017). She spoke with … Continue reading Newsmaker: Misty Copeland

Dolly Parton

Newsmaker: Dolly Parton

January 2, 2018

There are so many ways to promote reading and literacy. How did you decide to set up Imagination Library this way so that children get free books in the mail that they can keep? It started out with a simple dream, and a very personal one, 22 years ago. My father was a brilliant man, … Continue reading Newsmaker: Dolly Parton

Emil Ferris

Newsmaker: Emil Ferris

November 1, 2017

You worked on this story for several years while recovering from West Nile virus, getting a master’s at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and raising your daughter. Then this nearly 400-page book comes out, and cartoonist Art Spiegelman is calling you “one of the most important comics artists of our time.” How … Continue reading Newsmaker: Emil Ferris

Librarians Go to Juvie

June 27, 2017

In Monday’s session “Librarians Go to Juvie,” Susan Warner, head of youth services at Kalamazoo Public Library (KPL), explained that 85% of juveniles involved with the court system are functionally low-literate, and involvement with the court system dramatically increases the high school dropout rate. In addition, 70% of all incarcerated adults cannot read at a … Continue reading Librarians Go to Juvie

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Council III: Memorials and Tributes

June 27, 2017

Memorials were read for Eric Moon (M#10), Marija J. Sanderling (M#11), Robert Henry “Bob” Rohlf (M#12), Dorothy Evans (M#13), Joy L. Lowe (M#14), Pauline Manaka (oral acknowledgment), and Amanda Rudd (oral acknowledgment). Tributes were offered for Harry Bruce (T#2), Keith Michael Fiels (T#3), and the 20th Anniversary of Victory in the Communications Decency Act Case … Continue reading Council III: Memorials and Tributes