Author Ishmael Beah

Newsmaker: Ishmael Beah

January 14, 2014

Why did you decide to write a memoir about your childhood experiences in Sierra Leone? ISHMAEL BEAH: It came out of several frustrations about the lack of knowledge about the use of children in war and also the way my country was only presented as a place of violence. I wanted to put a human … Continue reading Newsmaker: Ishmael Beah

Newsmaker: Kirsten Baesler

August 28, 2013

AMERICAN LIBRARIES: What motivated you to run for the office of state superintendent of North Dakota schools? KIRSTEN BAESLER: Public education has been my passion my entire adult life. I am passionate about teaching and learning and view myself as a public servant advocating for the needs of children of all ages. How has the … Continue reading Newsmaker: Kirsten Baesler

Chicago Public Library Commissioner Brian Bannon

Newsmaker: Brian Bannon

June 14, 2012

Bannon, who earned his MLIS from the University of Washington in 1999, joined CPL in March 2012, succeeding Mary Dempsey, who stepped down after nearly 18 years as commissioner. Now, several months into his new role, Bannon—who says he has “hit the ground running”—took a break from his whirlwind introduction to CPL and the city … Continue reading Newsmaker: Brian Bannon