Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt

Altmetrics, Bibliometrics

September 15, 2015

For practical purposes, the best-known definition of altmetrics, “the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing and informing scholarship,” comes from, a website set up by Priem and three of his colleagues. Since then, others have questioned the definition and the methods of calculating alt­metrics in various scholarly … Continue reading Altmetrics, Bibliometrics

Make-HER session attendees

From Maker to Make-HER: STEM Exploration for Girls

June 29, 2015

Nancy Andrus, youth services librarian at Sunnyvale, found a way to reverse this trend: #LadyMakers. She described her experiences in a Sunday Conversation Starter session. Andrus recruited five ladymakers to help lead the library’s Make-HER program from nearby museum and education programs and told them that it was as much about them as individuals as … Continue reading From Maker to Make-HER: STEM Exploration for Girls

Walt Crawford

Idealism and Opportunism

June 22, 2015

OA journals—categorized as “gold OA” to distinguish them from content placed in an institutional or subject repository (“green OA”)—make all of their peer-reviewed articles freely available online, in the final version and layout, as soon as they are published. DOAJ is the key directory for OA journals, with increasingly robust standards as to what can … Continue reading Idealism and Opportunism

Meredith Farkas

Making for STEM Success

May 18, 2015

National organizations like the Institute of Museum and Library Services have recognized the importance of catching up in math and science and are funding STEM initiatives that expose young people to science in creative and engaging ways. Schools, museums, nonprofits, and libraries have accepted the STEM challenge, developing programs and spaces that allow children to … Continue reading Making for STEM Success