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The Bohemian Librarian

It’s not at all what she envisioned herself doing while in library school in Arizona, but she’s thrilled at this new slant on librarianship. Sanchez is among the growing group of MLIS grads using their degrees as passports to an array of fascinating jobs available outside the tradi­tional library setting. They’re flying to exotic places … Continue reading The Bohemian Librarian

In College, Time Is Money

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, from 1993 to 2012, average student debt rose from $9,450 to $29,400. Additionally, the number of seniors graduating with loans has increased from 47% to 71%. Data for heads of households under 40 years of age shows that student debt results in higher levels of credit … Continue reading In College, Time Is Money

Diversity on My Mind

Diverse books reflect the varied experiences of people around the world, including people of color, people with disabilities, people with a variety of religious beliefs, and people on the GLBTQ spectrum. The American Library Association and many library cultural organizations, like the American Indian Library Association, recognize outstanding books each year that may be a … Continue reading Diversity on My Mind

Newsmaker: Jacqueline Woodson

Having split her youth between South Carolina and Brooklyn, New York, her books explore themes of gender, class, and race, as well as history and family. She received the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults in 2005. In an email to American Libraries, she discussed the importance of capturing the childhood experience, the significance of diversity … Continue reading Newsmaker: Jacqueline Woodson

The Future, Today

Ruth Baleiko, the Miller Hull Partnership Odegaard Undergraduate Library, University of Washington, Seattle “Digital downloads, ebooks, personal content, and live programming compete for space with books, periodicals, microfilm, audio, and video in today’s libraries. The library of the future will be shaped in ways that support and en­hance navigation and exchange of these new forms … Continue reading The Future, Today

The Future of MLS

State and local government workforces have faced significant reductions since 2009. In 2011 alone, state and local governments cut nearly 250,000 jobs. While some hiring has occurred lately, reductions have been significant and are unlikely to grow to pre-recession levels.  Securing a library job can be challenging. Compe­tition is fierce, and the skill sets of … Continue reading The Future of MLS

Digital Books Are Up in the Air

Digital resources in the form of ebooks, audiobooks, and other media are beginning to take flight—literally—across the country by way of airport library branches. Branches are have popped up in airports around the country, including Philadelphia International; Seattle–Tacoma International; Manhattan (Kans.) Regional; Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood (Fla.) International; Boise (Idaho); and San Antonio International, over the last … Continue reading Digital Books Are Up in the Air

Latest Library Links, January 14, 2014

ALA News New e-rate implementation begins The Daniel W. Lester Library Postcard Collection Midwinter Meeting News Policy Revolution! update Division News LLAMA call for mentors and mentees Awards & Grants The life of a book award committee member Libraries in the News Passions flare on proposed Chicago parkland site for Obama library Wichita votes to … Continue reading Latest Library Links, January 14, 2014